Kayla Jo Casey

August 30, 2005 – July 5, 2022

A sister, daughter, cousin, friend, dreamer, artist, writer, poet, tagger, visionary, and a true leader in her own very special way.  Kayla Jo Casey was tragically killed in an overnight house fire in the early hours of July 5, 2022. Kayla was the youngest Hunger Aid Team Member and first Student Director for Hunger Aid. Kayla takes credit for a few ideas influencing our Founding Member for whom she was named after. One idea was starting a Scholarship Program for students who wanted to focus their higher education on how to better feed future generations. Her “Ideas” would include things such as supporting the youth in Arts & Entertainment. Her “Imagination” on what to do when it came to Agriculture Development using Science and today’s technologies for research and developing new ways to grow healthier food. “You can’t get a good education without the right nutrition grown from healthy food!”

Kayla was also a huge fan of the Multi-Platinum Hip Hop Group “Onyx” and proved to be a valuable “Team Member” to group member “Sticky Fingaz”  himself. At the age of 14 she became Sticky Fingaz “Personal Assistant” for Hunger Aid all while keeping up with her grades in High School in the middle of a pandemic. “Onyx For Life” she would say to Joe before ending their conversations each day. (Onyx For Life is in reference to their latest album release.) Kayla resided in Hibbing, Minnesota with her eyes set on Estelline, Texas. She passed away in Michigan while visiting her grandparents for the holiday. Kayla loved pink and her favorite color was purple. She had a thing for Sunset’s and Sunflowers too. If she could own an elephant she would have a zoo full of them. She had a passion to H.E.L.P. Foster Kids transition into life after 18, and advocate for Mental Health. Kayla Jo Casey will be missed for sure by everyone that knew her and she will always be remembered by her work in helping create a blueprint she left behind when she planted her seed in Estelline!

Never to forget our Hunger Aid daughter! She wanted a Scholarship Fund for Hunger Aid to H.E.L.P. other kids. So be it!

“Kayla Jo Casey Scholarship Fund”


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