To H.E.L.P. - Healing Every Living Person with a "Hand Up" not a "Hand Out"

From creating sustainable farming opportunities for rural communities to on-site support during times of national disaster; Arise Veteran Foundation and Hunger Aid will answer the call to assist everyone in need by providing fresh food and support in worrisome times. The goal of the collaboration is to develop sustainable farming footprints across the nation while training community members and supporting their goals. Our model will provide fresh food for our children, homeless, struggling and needy. Using Entertainment Against Hunger we can begin to H.E.L.P. in healing every living person.


Serving those who have served

Serving those that have served us. Arise Veteran Foundation and Hunger Aid have formed an alliance to bring “Fresh Food” to people in need of H.E.L.P.. Through innovative farming and desire to inspire others, the collaboration has evolved into a working relationship with a National Reach.

Entertainment Against Hunger

Serving those that have served us. Arise Veteran Foundation and Hunger Aid have formed an alliance to bring “Fresh Food” to people in need of H.E.L.P.. Through innovative farming and desire to inspire others, the collaboration has evolved into a working relationship with a National Reach.



Members of Hunger Aid will always have access to these following services so long as the services are being used to H.E.L.P.. 

Air Freight - Amphitheaters - Arenas - Artist Support - Casinos - Clubs - Colleges - Concert Production - Corporate Sponsorship - Cruise Ships - Equip. Mfg. - Equip. Rental - Equip. Repair - Facility Mgmt. - Fairs - Festivals - Film - Game Tech Solutions - Insurance - Jobs - Legal Firms - Lighting - Magazines - Marketing Firms - Merchandising - Music Licensing - Music Publishing - Music Retail - Newsprint - Personal Mgmt. - Photography - Print Publishing - Printing - Production Mgmt. - Promoters - Public Relations - Radio Stations - Record Distribution - Record Labels -  Recording Studios - Rigging - Security - Special Effects - Stadiums - Staging - Support Staffing - Talent Buyers - Television - Theatre - Theatrical Supplies - Theme Parks - Ticketing - Tour Mgmt. - Trade Publications - Transportation - Trucking -Unions - Venue Furnishings - Video - Web Hosting - Zoo


Joseph Bourgeois

Founding Member

Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones

Co-Founder / President


Jason Des Moines

Vice President / CEO

Sadie Levens

National Vendor Coordinator

Dawn DesMoines


Dr. La Motta Roundtree, PhD.

Executive Director


National Vendor Coordinator

Haley Korber

Executive Administrative Assistant


Gio Aragon

Manila, Philippines

Actor / Artist / Musician



Jason Des Moines

Liaison - Arise Veteran Foundation 

Curtis Daftari

Hunger Aid Event

Executive Producer

Dawn DesMoines

Midwest Regional Director

Dayna Casey

Youth Director

DeeJeania “DJ” Jackson

S.E. Regional Director

Emerald Coast Production Festivals 

Diane Kennedy

N.W. Regional Director

Ladies Who Rock, Inc. / Promoter 

Haley Korber

Administrative Assistant

for Joseph Bourgeois

Isaac Gordon

Booking Agent

Jason DesMoines

Operation Manager

( Texas )

Johnny Ficarelli "Southside"

Southside Johnny Production Presents

Hunger Aid Event Promoter

Robert Watson

Artist Management

Dr. La Motta Roundtree, PhD.

Just Righteousness Foundation

IWin Media TV - Las Vegas, NV

Lexus Naguit

Senior Graphic Designer

Genesis Joven

Senior Web Developer

Sadie Levens

Emerald Coast Production Festivals GM

Festival Consultant

Shorty McMillen

Club Promoter

Hunger Aid Stage Manager

Troy Wilson

Texas Production Manager

Wan Ali


Willie Fields

N.E. Regional DirectoPromoter / Musician


It Was Called, "A Concert for A Cause"

It was a "Concert For Cause" as the Joplin Globe Newspaper published. Five Bands to perform at Quapaw Casino & Resort. Because of this one event that took place, Hunger Aid was born. The first Hunger Aid event took place on February 23, 2014 in Miami, Oklahoma in an effort to save a Food Pantry from being shut down. The money raised supported 2 food pantries and a local homeless shelter.

What is an "Idea" without an "Imagination?"

When Founder Joseph Bourgeois met Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones in December 2014 through a mutual friend, both realized then between Hunger Aid and Sticky Fingaz "Idea" for H.E.L.P., both BRAND names would be names everyone in the world could relate to. In the years that followed, Hunger Aid has grown to be a International Organization.

Entertainment Against Hunger

Hunger Aid is made up by a coalition of representatives that have for years worked in the entertainment industry. The resources provided by Hunger Aid  are used to support local communities by uniting together in teamwork. Together we can end hunger around the world, but we must start here in America first so we can continue to lead the way to a better future.


"Purpose" behind a "Cause"

Hunger Aid was created to provide funding to local nonprofits that impact their communities the most by using entertainment. At the same time, Hunger Aid was created to assist in educating, research, and develop new ways to grow healthy food for future generations. H.E.L.P. is the "Purpose" behind the "Cause" for Hunger Aid to improve the quality of life. A "Hand Up" is better than a "Hand Out."

Be A Part of Hunger Aid and Grow with us too

President John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your Country can do for you... ask what you can do for your Country." Hunger Aid is for everyone, and we want to know what you can do to H.E.L.P. in your local community too. Beside entertainment, we are much like the new "Peace Corp of America" always looking for ways to better life. We use entertainment for many things such as earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis, why not Hunger Relief? 

Where Do the Proceeds Go?

100% of the proceeds go towards the Hunger Aid Cause.

Hunger Aid Pledges not to overinflate cost to produce our events. Our Mission is to H.E.L.P. people.


P.O. Box 101
Estelline, TX 79233

Sadie Levens Senior Event Coordinator


This is to be used as a guide to form a Hunger-Aid Chapter for your Community. We, at Hunger-Aid, believe that that the people of the community best know what is needed in their community. Hunger- Aid helps non-profits/community raise funds for their needs. All funds must be used according to Hunger-Aid By-Laws. A copy of these By-Laws will be provided in this package.

There must be but not limited to 3 officers:
Director: Acts as the legal representative of the chapter. All other officers will submit a monthly report to the Director. The Director will report to the Board every 3 months. *This will be changed to the Executive Director as soon as one is appointed. This can be done by way of email.

Sectary: will take minuets of meetings and reports from the committees of all events. The committee reports must include plans as well as results. The Board will also need to know what committees are formed and who the members of said committee are.

Treasurer: Will be in charge of all funds and records thereof. No funds will be released to anyone without a majority vote of the 3 officers. Three signatures, one from each of the officers, must be used to release the funds. All Funds must be accounted for.
All Laws must be followed in your area. If an article in the by-laws of Hunger-Aid do not meet the mundane law requirements then the local law will be upheld. The board is to be notified at once if this happens.

The Board must receive the Legal Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and website if you would like it linked to the Hunger-Aid website. This information must include the city/county/state/ country that the Chapter is being formed in. We cannot and will not approve any Chapter until this information is in hand and we can vote on approving the Chapter. The Hunger-Aid Chapter will also be a part of H.E.L.P. Healing Every Living Person. Please read the mission statements for Hunger-Aid as well as H.E.L.P. on the Hunger-Aid.org website. You will also find the By-Laws posted on the website. Us the information on the website to write your own guide- lines for your Chapter and committees.

Thank you for your interest in helping your community through Hunger-Aid. Together We Can!!!
Together We are Hunger-Aid.
Please take the time to read the mission statement on the website in order to better understand Hunger-Aid and H.E.L.P.
Please let me know if you have any future questions. I will be more than happy to answer them.

Dortha (Sadie) Levens
Senior Event Coordinator/Gulf Coast Regional Coordinator

Together we can make a difference


Mahatma Gandhi

You make it possible

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